Digital Lock Out, Tag Out solutions for industrial safety processes.

Greater time efficiency, greater workplace security, increased process information, maintenance costs reduction

Greater time

The application of digitalisation in the administrative process ensures 20-30% time savings in maintenance work.


Proposal: 0 fatalities
Digital task tracking avoids the errors of trust that lead to most accidents.


Digitalizing the process ensures that data is collected on all tasks, delivering immensely rich information.


Saving time, being more secure and having more information ensures huge cost savings, now and in the future.


Patented solution, unique on the market, combining management software and electronic hardware to deliver true digital transformation of LOTO procedures.

For sequenced, scheduled shut-downs. Increases workplace efficiency and security, using online Data Collection to generate immediate traceability of all data and events entered into the system, guaranteeing full monitoring and control of procedures.

Mechanical LOTO

How it used to work...

Current LOTO procedures are based on establishing HARD COPY dialogues and approvals combined with mechanical tags. This generates mountains of paperwork and reduces process efficiency.

Paperwork, physical and authorisation
Mechanical locks, hundreds of physical keys to be kept
Physical security measures and devices, lockboxes

Lack of data throughout process, ruling out analysis

Value Digital LOTO®

The future of industrial security

Digital transformation of LOTO processes. More effective planning, shorter process times, improved worker security and added traceability.

We digitalize work documents and guides

Electronic Lockout, virtual tag-out
Security via digital processes and guides
Digital traceability enables full-process analysis

What we do

Strategic SAFETY project consultancy service with a passion for digital transformation of processes.


Software suite developed for the digitalization and modernisation of LOTO procedures.

Lock Out

Industrial security organisational solution. Our PERMANENT Lock-out module gives complete control of all restricted-access areas.


Management module that supervises and registers all unlocking and restarting manoeuvres during production line micro-stops.

Turnkey projects

Team training


Resonac is a chemical company providing a variety of individualized products, including petrochemicals, chemicals, carbon, ceramics, aluminium products, ...​
““Implementing the LOTO DIGITAL system in our factory has greatly improved the safety of our workers.

Real-time traceability of the LOTO system greatly improves process security and control.

The reduction of physical padlocks and tags, replaced by "digital padlocks", improves the application time, reducing the time of production stops.””
Fernando Fernández García
Iberian Lube Base Oils company, S.A. specialized in the production of latest generation lubricant bases (group II and III) in a plant located in the Escombreras Valley in Cartagena.
The Value Digital LOTO solution is the true digital transformation of LOTO procedures. Innovation, using digital locking solutions allows us to manage all processes remotely, quickly and easily.

It has provided us traceability and considerable time savings of the jobs that require physical blocks.
It is highly recommended.
Antonio Ros
IT Manager - ILBOC