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What does Value Hybrid do?

Value Hybrid develops digital solutions to improve safety in industrial environments through its globally patented Value Digital LOTO solution.

LOTO stands for “LockOut/TagOut” and refers to procedures used to ensure that equipment is shut down and inoperable until maintenance or repair work is completed. These industrial safety procedures are used to keep employees safe from industrial equipment and machinery that could pose a danger to their physical safety if not handled correctly. When performed correctly, lockout/tagout procedures control hazardous energy and protect workers from harm.

Our solution is in the cloud and is built with APIS, so it allows a total integration with other safety subsystems and management platforms (CMMS, ERP´s, Permit to Work, DMS…

The main benefits for the company would be:

  • Full traceability by allowing you to know what procedure, who, when, where, and how it has been done.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface, faster than pen and paper
  • Ensures 20-30% time savings in maintenance work.
  • Reduce costs associated with manual paperwork, MTTR, downtime, errors and accidents in the workplace.

The implementation methodology can be from 2-3 weeks, without integrations

Value Digital Loto is available to be implemented as Saas or On Premise.

In simple terms, SaaS stands for “software as a service.” It refers to software applications that can be accessed via the internet. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it online—meaning that you are largely free from complex software and hardware management.

What is on-premise software?
On-premises software, often referred to as an “on-prem” or “on-premise” solutions, are downloaded, installed, and runs on computers on the premises of the organization who is using the product.

While a SaaS product will be hosted on a remote facility, like a cloud , on-premise software solutions are hosted in-house.

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